Putatan Community Development Program

Maynilad has  a comprehensive program for Putatan, Muntinlupa– the site of the newly completed Putatan Water Treatment Plant. This includes :

  • Implementation of Lingkod Eskwela in 4 of the poorest public schools in the barangay
  • Establishment of Maynilad Day Care Center
  • Restoration of basketball court
  • Rehabilitation of  the San Guillermo chapel (worth P2M)
  • Installation of  street lights, drainage, sidewalk
  • Organization of volunteer-residents for Maynilad

Maynilad CSR partnerships for capacity building

Under USAID-Eco-Asia’s Twinning Program, Maynilad serves as co-mentor with Malaysian firm Indah Water Konsortium to five local water districts for developing effective septage management programs. Practicing and promoting proper septage management demonstrates Maynilad’s advocacy as a steward of the environment.

Maynilad also trained Indonesian firm MEDAN/PDAM-Tirtanadi on strategies in expanding water service to blighted communities.

Lingkod Ginhawa and Lingkod Kalikasan

Lingkod Ginhawa:
Disaster relief
Maynilad's Lingkod Ginhawa serves as on-call relief arm for disasters.  They provide  drinking water stations, water tankers and  jugs to victims of floods, typhoons and drought.

Lingkod Kalikasan:
Tree Planting

Maynilad is a strong advocate of the environment. They organize and support initiatives such as:

  • Coastal clean-ups and river clean-up drives (e.g. Kapit Bisig para sa Ilog Pasig)
  • Tree-planting in watershed areas
  • PET bottle recycling program

Tubig Para sa Lahat (Water for All) Events

This program provides potable drinking water to cause-oriented events: medical and dental missions, marathons, sports events and government caravans.

Water stations for FREE Maynilad drinking water, info dissemination and customer helpdesks are made available.

Samahang Tubig Maynilad

Samahang Tubig Maynilad is a community development program that forms communities for new water service connections and for livelihood projects and responsible water management. It won for Maynilad the prestigious Anvil Award for Excellence.

The Scenario:
  • Poor communities  pay more for water– money they could have used for food or education. 
  • Responsible management of water is a priority concern for blighted communities.
  • These  informal settlers cannot meet the legal and financial requirements for water service connection.
Maynilad directly engages with communities to form residents into organizations and provide trainings on how to form cooperatives for effective water management and distribution. 

Engaging with the Community

The Results of this Project:

  • a system of water management and distribution in communities
  • a working relationship with the community
  • a working relationship with NGOs, LGUs and other groups
  • higher productivity and  confidence level among residents
    The Samahang Tubig Maynilad Communities:

    • Four clustered villages in Gawad Kalinga Site in North Caloocan (STM San Bernardino 80hh, STM PMAP & Pharmaton 25 hh, STM Globe TM 60 hh STM Tatler,50 hh
    • Pook Pag-asa, Commonwealth 100 hh
    • Hankins 1, Pasay, 212 hh
    • Barangay 123, Tondo, Manila,1000
    • NPC Palmera, North Caloocan 312 HH
    • Kadima, Malabon300 hh
    • STM Millar Compound, Fairview,100 hh opted for individual connections
    • STM Art to Heart North Cal 24 hh orientation; done waiting for power supply
    • STM Lawaan,North Cal 24 HH MO A formulation under review
    • STM Sambal 11 Malabon Navotas 100 hh for orientation
    • Stm Sitio Bakal 250 HH Ongoing Patakaran Formulation
    • STM Ana Maria Heights 330 Patakaran for review

    Maynilad also helps the STMs establish small-scale livelihood ventures for the community. 

    Currently, STM-Barangay 123 Tondo produces soaps and hand towels for our Lingkod Eskwela handwashing kits. Also dishwashing gels, fabric softeners and Tubee stuff toys.

    Lingkod Eskwela

    The Scenario:
    • Public schools suffer from poor hygiene and sanitation due to the lack of access to clean water
    • They lack funds for fixing plumbing systems and comfort rooms
    • There is low awareness among students of the benefits of proper hygiene and sanitation
    • There is low awareness of the importance of reliable water and wastewater services 
    How Maynilad Helps:
    • BUILD drink/wash stations for the  schools, FREE
    • REGULAR SAMPLING of drinking water  quality and desludging of the schools’ septic tanks to ensure proper sanitation
    • STUDY TOURS of Maynilad water and sewage treatment plants 
    • HANDWASHING DEMOS for health and sanitation with  FREE hand towels and soap produced by our STM communities

    The Lingkod Eskwela program has helped improve hygiene and supply of clean water in 46 schools in the West Zone since 2008.